Our research topics include

Data Visualization

Semantics-based Visualization: Creating effective displays without the user's participation. The visualization process is executed using semantic information and a semantic reasoning.

Visual Analysis of Large Data Sets: Given such rapid growth in the amount of information, it becomes practically impossible for a person to draw conclusions, trends and patterns from the raw data. In this line we design and develop visualization techniques applied to large datasets, especially in the field of Geological Sciences.

Augmented reality

Augmented books: In this line we propose the exploration of augmented books, that is, traditional books that incorporate the capabilities of Augmented Reality. With this combination we create books that maintain the traditional way of reading and include new ways to interact.

Outdoor Augmented Reality: This line aims to assist the activities of the geology community, simplifying and supplementing the use of tools specific to the activity. For this we combine the live view of reality with augmented information that may be useful for the geologist, as can be information of geological formations or virtual objects that could indicate, among others, the presence of drill core at the sub-surface.


Reconstruction of 3D Models: In this line, 3D reconstruction techniques for interior and exterior scenes using mobile devices are studied, in particularly the reconstruction of electron microscopy samples, in order to achieve automatic and efficient generation of 3D models to be used in countless fields of application.

Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking: This project aims to advance methodologies to find an objective, non-invasive and without putting stress on the person being assessed, which enable detecting mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or incipient.


Motion Analysis: The objective of this research is to analyze the movement of the human body to evaluate its quality, that is, to understand what makes it natural and harmonious to the sight. In particular, we focus our analyzing on different levels of ability in the practice of karate routines.

Image processing

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